Points To Note On Dangers Of Drugs

Drugs are substances that cause an effect when ingested in the body. The rate of drug abuse among individuals is rapidly growing globally. Individuals consume drugs for different reasons. Most people find comfort and pleasure in taking drugs. Drug intake is regarded as an enjoyable activity to drug users due to the stimulation felt after taking the drugs. Drug users are of the opinion that taking drugs is relaxing and enjoyable as it aids in mood improvement. Some people use drugs as a way of trying something new. Experimenting drugs come from curiosity if an individual. Does marijuana destroy brain cells? Read more to find out.

An individual feels the urge to know how it feels to be under the influence of drugs hence thy use drugs. Many people end up using drugs to assist them to go through a stressing situation that they may be experiencing. Depression and anxiety are situations that may trigger people to use drugs. An individual feels that taking drugs will help them to handle these stressful situations better. Taking drugs can be done in various ways. Smoking is one of the ways of introducing marijuana into the body. Drugs can also be introduced into the body through injections, inhaling and many other ways. Consuming drugs posses many dangers to the body. These effects may be long-term or short-term effects depending on the duration and amount of drugs one ingests. Marijuana is one of the most used drug among individuals. Marijuana is ingested in the body through smoking or use of vaporizers. Some people also consume marijuana by adding it to food or drinks. Marijuana has been seen to affect the normal functioning of the human brain. There are harmful compounds found in marijuana such as the Tetrahydrocannabinol that have an effect on the brain when marijuana is consumes. Taking of marijuana has adverse effects on the brain of a human being. Visit this link to read more on the dangers of  weed and adderall.

Hallucinations is one of the effects experienced upon taking marijuana. Hallucinations entails an individual having false perceptions of things that do not exist. A person who is experiencing hallucinations may have a false sense of smell, hearing and seeing false things. Taking marijuana may also lead one to develop conditions such as Schizophrenia which is a severe mental condition. A person who has Schizophrenia experiences hallucinations and altered thinking. Early usage of marijuana may lead to brain impairment among young people. Excessive drinking of alcohol can also lead to serious health problems to an individual. Liver disease, depression, and others are some of the diseases caused by high intake of alcohol in human beings. Excessive drinking of alcohol may lead to one battling oral and esophagus cancer. These diseases could be life-threatening and may cause death if the drinking habit continues. A woman with a child who engages in alcohol intake is at a danger of giving birth to a child with defects